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Free in-house demo, training & tech support.


The World's First Digital Desktop Vacuum Former

Professional-grade thermoforming made compact, affordable and easy-to-use.


Makerthron™ is the trusted and primary authorised distributor and service provider for Vaquform products in Singapore since 2020.

Contact us to further enquiry. Rental service is available.


PayNow No.: 201905649N (Makerthron Pte Ltd)


Video: Vaquform Multiple Part 3D Molds

Video: Vaquform Hybrid Vacuum Power

Vaquform Support Videos:

1) Handlebar Kickstand

2) Adjusting the Frame

3) Loading a Plastic Sheet

4) Tightening the Adjustment Screws

5) K and V values

6) 3D Print Settings

Videos of Making Mold:

1) How to make ice molds

2) Jack-O-Lantern Lamps

3) Making the Infinity Gauntlet

4) Experimenting with Vinyl Sticker .

Download link for Handlebar Kickstand 3D model for 3D printing .

Vaquform DT2 Desktop Vacuum Forming

PriceFrom S$1,699.00
To deliver approximately 3 to 4 weeks from placing order
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